Unutilized marketing opportunities

So we all know how memes from the big brands jump out immediately there’s a crazy trend or challenge. This happens and dies off as quickly as they start and most of the time brands are competing for SOCIAL credit to show that they are also up to date with what’s happening.

We call this the “cool factor”.

We understand its important to be in sync with you consumers but consumers can also smell an over sell… We all grew up with that kid who had to share all his snacks to be liked for just a few min.

I will start by pointing out the basics of lost marketing opp.

1. Customer care. All the calls that you make to any customer care have issues on clarity… Every call that you make and land to customer care sound muffled, in this day and age where consumers are aware of good quality sound! We know MONO and STEREO. And am sure technology can’t be the same all over because international airlines customer care make you feel like the agent is next door because of clarity.

2.Tele Ads. The ads being played as you wait to be connected or transferred are in monotones and they all lack a call to action. To top on that none of them are customized. They all sound like bad toned radio ads lead you out of the office/branch to come back again to get action.

3.Front desk. Most receptions or lobbies or the front display windows should match the digital trend ALWAYS ON! What you want people to see or feel online should match with what people are seeing on the street or as they walk in your offices. ALWAYS ON! Should not end with online. Check out one way you can get creative with your interaction. Most front desks are interested in getting your ID than getting you to buy something.

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