As the digital landscape paves its way to a more mature state, trends in web design evolve as we watch brands struggle for equity in a world cluttered with noise and where attention becomes an inestimable asset. Relevant content has finally reached a centre stage position as it creates real value to the user. This sets new and high standards for websites as they must integrate stunning aesthetics, brand messaging and speed while driving conversion of well defined business goals.

In this article we review what we consider to be the 10 best web design trends for 2019. They are:

Does your website actually serve a purpose within your business? Are you using it to build brand awareness, drive sales and building product advocates? The trends we identify in this article result from research work we developed here at BRANDSMITH Agency.

We’ll dive into each of these items, illustrating with examples we’ve been gathering around the web.

    1. Everyone speaks emoji
    2. Seamless Motion
    3. Entertain me
    4. Distortion, g.lit_ch effect and stuff
    5. Interactive 3D elements
    6. Bigger & Bolder
    7. Flat like Newsprint
    8. Nostalgia
    9. Layering & Collage
    10. Enhanced Navigation Systems
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