Marketing trends we need to kill this 2019

At times we find ourselves asking why did some things get invented. Some things are better left alone or should never get any attention.

I think we all have a favorite rap artist. Some are good others well… like the video below:

We never should have allowed this to happen.

So back to marketing trends we need to completely change.

  1. Content for the sake of content
    If you are a marketing head in your organization guide your agency to have an ROI objective to whatever content they want to come up with. The whole objective is to have digital ambassadorial material for your brand. Anything else is a waste of your consumers time. It needs to be RELEVANT, engaging & well-written.
  2. Organic growth needs to be considered
    Facebook’s algorithm update in January of 2018 means that ‘meaningful interactions’ from friends and families are being prioritized over business page posts. In a nutshell, Facebook defines a post that attracts your ‘Comment’ or ‘Share’ as being more meaningful as a post that only attracts your ‘Like’. So its super important to create content that resonates with your audience otherwise even if you spend thousands to promote your content you will no get the aspired eyeballs.
  3. Mismatched influencer marketing
    I have seen the likes of Eric Omondi being used to sell luxury brands and I wonder who’s the target audience. Brand managers and marketing managers please kill this in 2019.
  4. Extravagant call to action
    “Lipu na””jishindie na””ruka na” . Have we lost our creative juices? It seems to be the trend and if your brand is big you can get away with anything even the most evident aspect of being lazy with your campaign. I remember a former colleague telling us if we want the client to like the campaign include dancing people and Bold catchy words with a lot of drama. Keep it simple and smart 2019, please!
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